Meet Sarah

Hi! My name is Sarah.

And that was me back in 1979. I have changed a bit since then, and now I look like this:

image courtesy: Amalie Orrange Photography


Most days, though, I am still a chick in a tattered cowboy hat daydreaming about soaring sky-high on my backyard swing. And, though I was blissfully unaware at the time, it was my childhood spent in a tiny beachside town on the Gulf of Mexico where I learned to appreciate the simple things; to embrace the past; to march unabashedly to my own drummer, to wear a skirt and wield power tools all at the same time.

That spirit follows me today as I enter my mid-thirties with a couple of rambunctious drummer marcher children of my own. It is for them that I press on when the logical option is, perhaps, not to strip and weather antique buffets that will someday showcase the perfect wedding cake, the most amazing favors, sentimental childhood photos of the bride and groom. But, that’s alright, there’s a drummer for each of us and it is actually not illegal to paint antique furniture {I checked with the furniture police on that one and they’re totally cool with it}.

As for the rest of the story, details, details…

Besides my amazing family, I love: open windows, bright sunshine, high-heeled sandals, and taking hot messes of cast-off furniture and recreating them into beautiful pieces.  As a native Florida girl, I found myself wandering aimlessly about Alabama’s Gulf Coast after my husband accepted a job transfer. It was on those sandy shores where I discovered the art of furniture refinishing. After completely re-hauling my own home, I decided to create my own refinishing business from the ground up; and, well, the rest was history. Shortly thereafter, I partnered with interior designers and learned the ins and outs of achieving that fancy pants design store look for a fraction of the cost. I branched-out into creating custom props for wedding photographers as well as helping to stage coastal rental homes and specialized in cottage/coastal/shabby chic designs.

In the summer of 2011, we were able to return the family to our beloved home in the Sunshine State where I continued on my journey. Quickly, I became a vendor at Art Angels Antique and Flower Market where I sold my custom refinished furnishings and home decor. All was well and I was settling in nicely and loving being home and creating.

Then, on an unassuming January morning, I received and email which would send me in a most exciting direction. A customer who was familiar with my home decor line was interested in renting some of my pieces for her daughter’s summer 2012 wedding. Of course, I said “I do” to her offer and very shortly thereafter, I closed my Art Angels booth so that I could focus entirely on weddings and Weddings by 2+Hue was born. I have spent each moment since in awe of the fact that I am one of the fortunate folks who truly loves what I do every day. My background in staging and collaborating with Southern Alabama wedding photographers provided me with a strong aesthetic eye for rustic and vintage celebrations. We are ceaselessly adding to our inventory and are thrilled as we get closer to our scheduled weddings.

If you are planning a rustic or vintage wedding of your own, I would love the opportunity to speak with you. Weddings are most certainly my passion and I look forward to helping you make the most important day of your life truly unique, truly amazing, and most importantly, truly you!

Until then,


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